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Bring back the highlight system to all viewers.


Highlights were a great way for the community to share their favorite moments with each other. For each broadcast, viewers were given the choice to choose out of hours of footage to create a clip of their favorite moments. Instead of each viewer having to go through ours of footage to find this, one video was created that everyone can click and get immediate results. has now changed it so only editors can do this, which is understandable to avoid bad highlights. HOWEVER, a lot of channels out there still wish to have all their viewers still have the option to highlight videos from their favorite streams. I want to start this petition to make Twitch.TV aware of this, and think of their options. Perhaps giving each channel a choice to have their highlights created: 1. By no one 2. By anyone 3. By editors only.

I am aware that there have been rumors of getting rid of the highlights from Twitch.TV altogether, but I feel because Twitch.TV listens to its users through the forums and beta now, perhaps they will listen if enough people speak out about highlights.

Highlights bring in more views and more traffic to via youtube and other sites.

Don't just give this job to the editors. If users want to add editors so that they can get more highlights, these same editors can delete your videos as well.

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