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Take down malikaplays twitch channel

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Most people know MalikaPlays from youtubers such as Ohmwrecker, H20 delirious, Mini Ladd, and etc. Based off of these 10+ minute videos you see on their channel, Malika might be considered funny or loud or " a person who plays with youtubers." What you don't know is that these videos are good highlights of the youtubers stream and since not many youtube viewers have twitch, you aren't aware of what happens in the whole stream from many perspective.She gained 35k+ followers on twitch and 2,000k+ on her social media because of youtubers description.

Malika is a two faced psychopath who talks about youtubers ( especially Ohmwrecker ) behind their back in her stream for hours.  For example, in Ohm's stream- you see she's around 2 camp counselors as jason and then suddenly turns to Ohm who's not around the 2 camp counselors which might've looked like tunneling. Ohm yells," Stop Tunneling! " and Malika gets pissed and rants about him for 30+ minutes while her whole audience in the comment section is also crap talking about Ohmwrecker. Some of these people only know Malika because of Ohm so to be talking about Ohm like that is top 10 anime betrayal. Malika even got mad to where she was salty the whole session and left the lobby because full lobbies are "cancerous" and even unfollowed Ohm on twitter and unfriended him on steam ( she followed back later) People started to like Malika because they thought she had a thing with Ohmwrecker and it did seem like she liked Ohm but every time she approaches him, Ohm rejects her so talk about friendzoned!

Malika has begged for money online in twitter trying to gain sympathy because her pets ruined her pc and her poor followers tried to give her money on her gofundme acc which raised over 2,500 dollars in 19 hours. There's literally people dying in the world from poverty, starvation, hate crimes, etc and people choose to donate tons of money to a twitch streamer who begs for money and takes advantages of youtubers for popularity! She even got enough success that she was able to quit her job for twitch and stream mainly everyday for 10+ hours for money. There was a controversial moment when she released her own merch after gaining success from youtubers description and I was curious enough to see what her merch looked like so I went to the site she linked and if you go to the bottom of the page, it says malika created all of the merch ideas which means she wasn't sponsored to make the merch which ALSO means she used her twitch donations to make cheap t-shirts and sell them for a much more bigger price so she can gain even more money. And all these people who thinks Malika is a good person doesn't even know any of these! In her streams she is also a very toxic person and considers herself to be in the hood and says she's an " angry white woman " . If you do not have twitch, please make one and report her! Lets raise awareness.

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