Remove Ferociouslysteph from Twitch’s Safety Advisory council

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FuriouslySteph is an “otherkin” Twitch live-streamer with severely questionable stances. She has gone on record making many anti-male statements and accused the gaming and streaming community in general of being full of white supremacists. She has also been on stream portraying a “deergasm” and eaten grass on stream, leading to people to question the mental state of this individual.

Twitch has had a history of not enforcing rules equally, having enforcement of their rules decidedly more slanted towards giving permanent bans to men for offenses women get a slap on the wrist and temporary suspensions.

Twitch can not allow someone with such an obvious bias to represent the community. FerociouslySteph represents everything wrong with twitch staff’s slanted enforcement of rules, and we can allow her to hold such a position of power. Steph has gone on suggesting she would abuse her power against people upset with her having this position.

Today, we are asking Twitch to remove FerociouslySteph from her position on the council, as she only tarnishes the already rocky reputation of twitch staff, and threatens the community itself.

Twitch, we do not want ferociouslysteph representing us. She should not have the position she does and needs to be disbarred. Remove her immediately.