Make Twitch Pride MegaCheer Emotes Permanent

Make Twitch Pride MegaCheer Emotes Permanent

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Started by Parker Hadley

For the month of June 2019 Twitch has created an array of 20 GORGEOUS emotes that can be unlocked by using bits/being gifted the emotes by others cheering bits. These emotes help represent a large and powerful section of LGBTQ+ users on its platform.

The emotes are perfect and there is no problem with them whatsoever, except for the fact that they are going to disappear at the end of June.

As stated in Twitch's official blog post: "From June 4–30, you can MegaCheer by cheering with 200 or more Bits in any Affiliate or Partner channel in a single Cheer. . . These exclusive emotes can only be used in the month of June 2019." (Full post can be found here)

This means that on July 1, 2019 these emotes that are not only paid for but represent a celebration of tolerance and love (and just are overall heckin' cute) are no longer going to be available in any user's emote arsenal.

Sign this petition to help Twitch understand how important these emotes are to the community. Not only because many paid for and deserve them permanently, but also because pride is something that should be celebrated permanently.

LGBTQ+ pride is not limited to just the month of June.

4,165 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!