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Get Twitch to Introduce Loyalty Badges for Affiliate Subscribers

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This petition is a simple one that will hopefully lead to a simple change.

We would like Twitch to introduce Sub Badges that change slightly - even only in colour - to reflect the duration of a viewer's subscription to an Affiliate streamer's channel. 

At this point in time, on Twitch, those who subscribe to a Partnered streamer's channel enjoy custom sub badges. These badges change and evolve the longer a viewer has been subscribed. New loyalty badges are 'earned' upon subscribing and then later on at the 3, 6, 12 and 24 month intervals. Currently, however, those who subscribe to Affiliate channels - despite paying the same subscription fee - all share the same 'star' badge, regardless of their length of their 'loyalty.'

Implementing a slightly different sub badge for affiliate subscribers (not a customizable one - that should stay a Partner perk) at the aforementioned 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month intervals would not only benefit subscribers but Twitch, also.

With Twitch taking a percentage of each subscription, offering an incentive for subscribers to keep their 'sub streaks' alive would earn them more money in the long run too.

Twitch keeps track of all 'sub streaks' and offers this perk to Partners so the framework to implement this subtle change is already in place.

While the idea of a simple colour change to a star badge might not seem like an issue to some, the continued loyalty it would promote would benefit growing streamers, the pride it would elicit in subscribers and the profits it would yield for Twitch should make this a no-brainer.

If you're a streamer (affiliate/partner) or a passionate Twitch viewer, help spread the word about this petition and let's get a change going. You can do this by taking a few simple steps:


  1. Sign this petition.
  2. Share the petition link with friends on social media
  3. Contacting Twitch directly (and respectfully) to let them know you'd like to see this change made!

Let's add a bit of colour into our Affiliate subscriber's Twitch lives, shall we?

Thanks for reading!

*Important Note* - There will no doubt be people who see this as a cry for affiliate streamer's to get the same treatment as partners. Remember, this petition has not been started in order for Affiliate streamers to get the same perks/benefits as Partnered streamers. Partners have worked extremely hard and deserve the right to offer their viewers and subscribers unique benefits (including an infinitely larger amount of emotes etc,) as well as having access to additional revenue streams. This petition has been launched instead to give those who subscribe to Affiliate streamers the recognition for their loyalty that they deserve. 

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