Call for the CEO of Twitch to take action

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CALL FOR TWITCH CEO TO TAKE ACTION - Re: sexual assault, harassment, racism & discrimination. 

We have been hearing story upon harrowing story from streamers & associates on Twitch about sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape & discrimination. Women &men outing people publicly for their behaviour. It was also brought to our attention that the CEO even laughed a very serious case of harassment & revenge off during a meeting. To him it seems it's just what happens. Once again this is just the internet. It's boys being boys. Maybe we should have thicker skin. 

We say enough.

Partnered streamers who have been outed for their predatory are apparently being investigated, but they have not been suspended despite the countless cases racking up against them. People have been banned for less than this immediately. 

We had a weak statement from Twitch & absolutely nothing from the CEO on the allegations against his indifference. 

Sign this petition if you want Twitch to be held accountable. To finally take action against those who use their power to take advantage of others, & against those who enable it by knowing it goes on but stay silent or brush it off.