Call for the CEO of Twitch to take action

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So he issued a statement...

Emmett Shear Statement on Twitter

But we still aren't done yet. 

His statement is much the same as any other Twitch statement; full of business jargon, assurances of listening & solidarity, & plenty of promises for a better future for the industry.

Words that are put together become more words. In the end it's all just... words. 

We still haven't seen any bans. 
We still haven't seen any suspensions. 
We haven't seen an open action-plan of how they intend to proceed & change things. 

"Bold changes" Okay? What changes? 

Will they change their reporting procedure to include a way to submit evidence & also improve their response times? We need to know how they will evaluate each specific case brought to them & if they'll follow up on it.

If suspensions are issued, will they tell people why their account has been suspended instead of giving a blanket email & no feedback? 

Will they make sure that people aren't immediately banned for, as an example, body painting simply because someone has a grudge? 

Will they ban the partnered streamers who issue massive hate raids, DDOS attacks, threats of violence & harassment on ANY platform? 

Will they ban partners who mock people live on stream?

Will they ban partners who abuse their animals live on stream?

Will they ban partners who are racist on ANY platform? 

Will they ban partners who repeatedly break TOS?

We've seen these things happen & they only get a week ban at most. It's totally unreasonable. 

And we know there are some partners who have had more than three bans & yet they are still streaming on Twitch. Shouldn't there be some kind of "two strikes & you are out" policy for severe offences? 

I'm tired of seeing it over & over again. I'm tired of the injustice. I know you are too. Let's continue to push for these answers. A statement isn't enough. 

Thank you. 

Gemma B
1 year ago