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Child Labor

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Dr. Jose Rizal once stated that “The youth is the hope of our nation”, which means to say the future of our nation lies as to how values and moral training were taught to the youth nowadays.  Every individual is important in molding and shaping our future. 

In today’s generation, during day time, children are around the streets begging for food and asking for penny.  As you enter a public market, children are again considered as vendors in order to help their family.  As you ride a tricycle, children are the drivers to have an income. This is what you called as child labor.  Children are being deprived from going to school because they have started working. Their conception is that through working, money can be easily gained than going to school spending money for allowance.  These children were not given the chance to be informed as to how education is very essential in one’s lives.

What will happen to our nation in the long run if this status quo will be a practiced? In this way, we would like to raise awareness and give emphasis about the highly rampant issue which is Child Labor. This is to remind each individual that a child should be sent to school and must not be forced to work.  It is the responsibility of the parents to sustain the basic needs of their children especially in accomplishing tertiary and secondary education.

Child labor refers to the use of children as a source of labor while depriving them of their fundamental rights in the process. Such rights include the opportunity to enjoy their childhood, attend school regularly, have peace of mind, and live a dignified life. Child labor can also refer to the practice of exploiting children for financial gain. Some industries employ children in order to cut down on labor costs since their wage demand is low.

Work that places children in a situation that is socially, mentally, physically, or morally harmful and dangerous is also defined as child labor because it ignores the well-being of such children. When children are made to perform work that is legally prohibited to be performed by children of a certain age group, such type of work is also referred to as child labor.  

Since poverty really strikes people, large number of children would find illicit jobs in order to feed hunger such as drug trade and prostitution, activities that can probably affect their lives. Poverty is 95 percent reason why they dig into these jobs. Underage children are the ones who work at all sorts of jobs in order to live and escape from hunger. The innocence of a child should never be taken away for the purpose of making the lives of adults easier. It is both unfair and morally unacceptable. The future is much brighter when the younger generation has a good foundation for success.

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