Save Assigned Parking Spaces in Spring Creek Towers

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For years, residents of Spring Creek Towers have enjoyed assigned parking spaces. The new management company, Twin Pines Management wants to phase out assigned spots in favor of open parking. This may lead to tensions between neighbors and cause inconveniences for people who find comfort in routine. Having inconsistent parking arrangements can lead to feuds and is not a good idea. Let Twin Pines Management know that you don't agree with this move!

Why keep assigned parking spaces? 

--Neighbors who are paying for this convenience should not have to come home and look for parking. Open parking does not improve the quality of life for working people who need stability. 

--Although we are receiving key fobs, open parking opens up a lot of security discrepancies. How can we ensure people who are supposed to park in the garage are the ones using it?

--Nothing stops a person with outdoor parking from using an indoor spot when it snows. 

--Residents with disabilities should always be able to have an accessible spot. How can we ensure residents don't improperly use handicapped spaces? 

--We wouldn't have to ask these questions if me maintain the order and stick with assigned parking spots.