Save Assigned Parking Spaces in Spring Creek Towers

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Thanks for signing! Spread the word! (flyer link in text!)

Hello neighbors, 

Thanks for signing the petition. It is a small gesture, but it shows management just how many residents oppose the open parking concept. Let's try to get as many people as possible to sign. Tell your neighbors! I reached out to, a local media outlet to share the petition. I also spoke with a lady who works in the office and got the contact information of the property managers and the manager for parking: 

Letitia Hetherington (garage manager)

Property Managers are responsible for different sections. I apologize for not asking who manages each section. I know Gisela manages my building in the C-section:

Diane Gordon

Gisela de Jesus

Terri Cruz 

Feel free to send an email to voice your concern. I wrote something to copy and paste: 

The residents of Spring Creek Towers have received the updated parking plan, and many are opposed to the new open parking concept. We feel this move will inconvenience residents and does not improve our quality of life. Residents who choose to pay for parking enjoy the stability and routine having an assigned parking space brings. It is not fair to expect thousands of residents to organize amongst themselves. The current system of assigned parking avoids conflict and ensures our comfort and safety. The current parking arrangement also ensures our disabled neighbors always access their spot.

We oppose the open parking concept and request that you reconsider this move.



You can also call the management office and let someone there know how you feel: 718-642-7000

I made this flyer. If you have a printer, please make a copy for your building and/or the elevator by the garage:

Thanks again for your participation. Let's let our voice be heard and spread the word!

Peace and Love!


A Henriques
2 months ago