Twin Nova Scotia's Highway 103

As a cab driver for 15 years traveling back and forth to the Halifax airport from Bridgewater I have seen a lot of drivers making dangerous decisions. The biggest problem is: people work 5 days a week traveling back and forth to work from the South Shore to city and surrounding areas of HRM. There are very limited passing zones and with traffic coming you can't pass and when people do, they are doing between 120 & 140 + easy. In regards to the keep right except to pass, well now this is really what makes the road rage happen. People do 90 & 100 upon approaching the keep right except to pass with plenty of traffic behind them. Once they reach the keep right except to pass most speed up so as to force traffic behind them to do excessive speeds to get by the slow driver who is now doing 110. Most keep right except to pass aren't very long. On top of that you sometimes have drivers who will not pass the slow driver (still in the keep right except to pass zone) who will only allow their vehicle to pass the slow driver leaving alot of frustrated drivers behind. It's a recipe for disaster. Twin it before more lives are taken which is a given. My advice is that if you can and most can't because there trying to get to work or get home to their families for supper, don't travel in the morning between 6am and 8/9am and 3pm and 6pm. Cheers drive safe and don't drink and drive.

Calvin Bowles, Bridgewater, Canada
9 months ago
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