Save Historic Twin Falls

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NOTICE TO TWIN FALLS CITY COUNCIL:  We, the undersigned Residents of Twin Falls, Idaho, are opposed to the development known as PZ20-0014 Masquerey Lofts. We are asking you to honor the established rules for building projects within the Twin Falls Comprehensive plan. These zoning changes will greatly impact our city and historic district. The low density, proposed area (660 Shoshone St E, 137 8th Ave E,  and 155 7th Ave E) cannot withstand high-density housing, increased street parking, city park overflow, and traffic increases. 

We OPPOSE these zoning changes. The proposed project includes TWO 5 story apartment buildings, with a combined 112 units and up to 400 tenants (per HUD guidelines). Zoning variances regarding lot occupancy (density), bldg height, setbacks, and parking have all been requested by Boise developer Galena Opportunity Fund. The requested zoning changes now move to Twin Falls City Council on June 8, 2020, after a conditional approval by TF Planning and Zoning on May 5, 2020.
Major variances include:

  • Density: current high-density zoning is 8-25 dwelling units per acre; Galena project is 84 units per acre. (1.33 acre, 112 units).
  • Parking: current zoning is 2 spaces per dwelling requiring 224 on-site spaces; Galena proposes 104 on-site spaces/55 on street for 159 total. 
  • Setbacks: current zoning is 20 feet; Galena is requesting 0.
  • Height: current zoning is 35 feet; Galena is requesting 62 feet.

The City Council can approve the project with or without the proposed parking recommendations put forth by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

City Council members, please listen to the concerned citizens of Twin Falls...please consider the number of residents that are chanting, “No variances-stick to the rules (a little bit louder now) NO VARIANCES-STICK TO THE RULES!”

The photos are an artist’s rendition to show size and general shape of the proposed building on the corner of 8th Ave E. and Shoshone Street. It also shows the building placement with no setbacks (which Galena requested),while the current zoning is 20 feet.