Twenty One Pilots Bandito Tour Second Leg

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Twenty One Pilots fans all throughout the world are disappointed. Having waited a whole year for a single sign of life from their favorite band, only to have a beautiful future album, era and tour dropped on them. Ticketmaster and Twenty One Pilots alike worked together to try and make it that only their fans got tickets, with presale and codes (only for dozens of fans to not receive said code and be waitlisted) and being quiet about it until the sale on July 20th. Though, dozens of fans did get their tickets, congratulations, some were a bit too late because the tickets sold out so quickly. Mostly to fans, but also to resellers and bots, majority charging up to five times the price and even the least are about three times. So, what I’m hoping to achieve with this petition is a second leg of the tour, North America, the United Kingdom, you name it. All the places it’s sold out. I’m hoping to get this seen by Tyler, Josh, friends, family, their record label and Ticketmaster. Anyone who can help make this happen. Since Tyler, we know you expected only about 15 people to remain fans throughout the hiatus, but there’s more of us and because of these scammers, you might not be able to see us and we for sure aren’t going to be able to see you.