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Tweets Are Not News

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The role of the press in uncovering the truth so that we citizens can participate in our democracy is more critical now than ever.  We urge you, the free press, to stand your ground, focus on digging up the real news, connecting the dots and not be distracted by the often ridiculous, attention-grabbing tweets of Donald Trump.

The Trump Administration seems to have adopted a deliberate strategy of fostering confusion and diverting attention from its efforts to dramatically expand the military, curtail human rights, tear up the safety net and undermine democracy. When significant news breaks, whether that is the firing of the US attorneys, the release of the Congressional Budget Office’s projections of the damage that would occur from repeal of the Affordable Care Act or the unprecedented defunding of essential government services, the Trump playbook calls for unleashing distractions such as insulting tweets, nonsensical statements and maybe even Trump’s own taxes from a decade ago.

Do not be diverted. Credible charges have been brought forth that this administration may have coordinated efforts with a foreign government to influence the election. A history of shady financial dealings with foreign investors linked to that government is now emerging.

We, your readers and the electorate, know of these attacks on democracy because courageous and independent journalists and a free press uncovered and reported them.

We can follow his tweets if we want. We cannot on our own unearth the real news, the policies and actions that will impact on our lives.  

We urge you, real news organizations, to stay focused on the news to help us stay informed and exercise our rights as citizens in a democracy.

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