Stand up for your right to sit down in the Uki Post Office.

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On the 25th January 2019, the Tweed Shire Council sent a non-compliance letter to the Uki Post Office stating it did not have consent to provide seating for customers.  The letter also stated that if the Post Office did not comply it could be fined up to $6,000.

In order to reinstate the seating as soon as possible, the Uki Post Office lodged a modification to change a current Development Application (DA) - "a partial change of use of shop to food and drink premises."' The Post Master is arguing for the removal of Condition 5 (see the bottom of page) entirely, however, in the event Council determines this to be unreasonable the Post Master's Town Planners will rewrite the condition to allow for seating.  As of the 5 March, the modification process has already cost the Post Office a whopping $2,890. 

The modification to the DA will give permission for our much-loved seating (8 stools & one bench seat) to be reinstated back into our community Post Office.  The Uki Post Office has always welcomed people of all ages to come to a safe place in our village where they can meet and mingle.  They may also like to write and post a letter to a loved one, or, read a newspaper, magazine whilst sitting down.  For some locals, this is their one and only contact for the day – the local Post Office. And these customers may also request a coffee, or a glass of water which during the summer months is more important as the Post Office is airconditioned, and there is no public water bubbler. The Post Office believes providing seating is an important part of the service especially in a village which has unshaded public seating for only eight people.

CONDITION 5 (DA17/0523) This consent only permits the serving of coffee to existing customers of the Post Office and prohibits the sale to anyone else. This consent does not approve additional staff. This consent does not approve seating/dining.

Please Tweed Shire Council, bring back our seating.  Approve the modification, as building community is what we are about and engaging with one another is our goal.