4 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Distressed Citizen

There is growing concern and continued frustration from the residents, business, investment, development, and entrepreneurial communities in the Tweed Shire over the extensive and costly delays for D.A. processing and approvals. 

Current legislation states D.A. approval of 40 days. In the Tweed Shire, it is currently 127 days and growing at an expedited rate with a current backlog of 400 D.A.s awaiting approval. 

Several residents have expressed that due to these delays, their building costs have increased by a minimum of $100,000. We have businesses on the verge of collapse as they pay rent on premises they are unable to use due to delays in approvals.

We have evidence that indicates developers and investors are no longer interested in purchasing property or development in the Tweed Shire due to delays and red tape. 

This issue has been ongoing, with Councillors, Tweed Shire Council, and State Government all shifting blame.

Councilors are voting not to approve certain D.A.s based on personal bias and anti-progress standpoints, instead of looking at the overall merit of the project/development and how it builds the Tweed to ensure a vibrant future.

Council staff are frustrated, as their expertise is not supported, and they must adhere to the cumbersome requirements of the State Portal process.

State Government has the ability and has offered staffing support to reduce the backlog and support the D.A. process, but this help has been refused without justification.

Due to the delays in the current process, the Tweed Shire has over 300 dwellings that have “non-compliance issues ”. Now, with the added pressure due to the recent disastrous flood event, we can only see further delays in this process. 

It is the hope that this petition will highlight the concerns and frustrations of the business and residential community of the Tweed Shire.  


It is our request of the NSW State Government:

1)  Enter into mediation with the Tweed Shire Councillors on a collaborative approach to the  D.A. approval backlog and ongoing DA process; and 


2)  Appoint a “planning administrator”, with the intent to remove the approval process out of the hands of the current sitting Councillors, to expedite and streamline the current D.A. process. 

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Signatures: 170Next goal: 200
Support now