Finding Out if Disney Uses Child and/or Slave Labor

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It is hard to believe that Disney, a company well known for its animated movies production is in fact using child labor. It is disappointing to see such an issue occur in the modern society and we really want to change the way things are. That is why we are sharing this with you. We want child labor to stop. We are just elementary students, yet we really want to help.

Any kind of forced labor is unacceptable and we hate seeing children like us having to work in poor and unsafe conditions instead of having a normal childhood. A lot of research has been done on Disney’s connection to child labor. In Chinese toy factories, thousands of workers of which many are children work for 12 hour shifts to only be payed 1.32$ per hour. Often times, 320 workers have to share 24 toilets and even use pans and kettles in order to shower simply because there are too little or no showers available for the workers. Not many people know about this. Why? Because Disney has a lot of money to cover up illegal actions.

Please sign this petition. If you think that child labor is wrong, and you want to help us prevent it from taking place in Disney. It would mean a lot to us! Letting you know about this problem will help us spread awareness of this issue, so more people can stand up against this problem. We hope you understood what we are trying to tell you and you can share this, so your friends can help too.