Finding Out if Disney Uses Child and/or Slave Labor

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Disney is using slave labor. Most people won’t believe it, but it is true. This is really sad and we are really trying to help, but we don’t know if it will work. That’s why we are sharing this with you. We really want slave labor to stop, and even though we are just normal humans we are really, really trying to help.

We hate when child, slave or any kind of labor happens. That’s why we want to at least try to help. We know this, because we did a lot of research, so we can show you that we are not making it up. Disney has a really bad issue called Child Labor. Mostly, Chinese workers are laboring for 12 hours nonstop and earn only 1.32$ per hour and instead of going home, they live in the factory, and instead of showering in a normal bath, they have to take pans and kettles to wash. We also know why nobody knows about that - because Disney has money. That also proves, that there is not only child labor, but slave labor as well.

Please sign this petition. If you think that slave labor is wrong, and you want to help stop slave labor at Disney. It would mean a lot to us! We are trying to stop Disney from using any type of labor. Letting you know about this problem will help us spread it around, so people can start helping to stop this giant problem. We hope you understood what we are trying to tell you, and you can share this, so your friends can help too.

-Ivan Sorokhtin

-Yoana Dimova

-Dora Margoni

-Sheridan Calvert

-Max Stoilov

-Matija Velagic

-Mihail Marin

-Kristian Spassov

AAS Sofia

Here is a link to the video that we made on YouTube: it will help you understand more about the problem. 




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