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TVF bring back quality old content

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After changing the game, after winning our love, after getting 2 million subscribers and becoming the biggest youth channel of the country; TVF has now become a brand. Now it is using that power to create any shit and people are blindly watching without even realizing the fact that the latter's tastes have dropped down by TVF over a course of time. There was a time when you made 'Lage Raho Shetty Bhai', 'Bhagwaan Zameen Par', 'Adha 24', 'Kahaani Krookshetra Ki'. Now you along with your so called sister channels or verticals have taken us for granted. You feed us with garbage like 'Jizzy Veerji with Shahid Kapoor', 'High At A Shaadi', 'How To Propose In Different States Of India', 'Singlehood Solutions ft. Kangana Ranaut' and the list goes on.

After the game-changing Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, came a heavy budget camouflaging a story less Tripling, an average Humorously Yours which lost track midway and regained it back ending in an 'over-the-top' fashion, an averagely written and below averagely directed 'Aam Aadmi Family', an unnecessary 'Fathers' or maybe just because Paytm was on board, and bunch of over the top videos. This has been written by an acute observer of cinema and web content so my analysis would vary from the general public who don't think much about what they watch.

With 'Dilli De Sardarboys', TVF has reduced to a Punjabi music channel. Even below MTV. Whole India is not of Sardars that too from Delhi. Already Bollywood is there to highlight Punjabis all the time. Atleast TVF save us. There is an Orissa, there is a Bhopal, there is a Kohima. I am a TVF fan, heartbroken and dissatisfied. I know most people wouldn't understand anything what I have written here. They will in fact abuse me, threaten me and nullify all my feelings. They are the 'TVF Bhakts' like 'Modi Bhakts'. This is what happens with Indian audience. Once they love someone, they become protective about any shit that brand or celebrity produces. Logic and reason vanish. Maybe because Indian audience doesn't want to devote much time to keep changing sides. They want to fix one brand in their minds and love it for anything. Let me tell you TVF, you can't have a fan bigger than me. That's why I have the right to criticize you. I don't know if change would come. I miss the intelligent, hard working, old TVF with subtle humor.

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