Convince TVDSB to Keep Extended French Program

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Recently, the TVDSB Board of Trustees decided to abolish the Extended French program as a way to cut down on the number of French teachers needed in the board.

This is a very bad idea.

For those unaware, the Extended French program allows elementary school students to enter the world of French Immersion in grade seven, spend two years in intensive French, then have the opportunity to move into the Immersion program in grade nine. Speaking as a recent graduate of the program, Extended French changed my life for the better and this opportunity should not be taken away from other youth like me. I entered the program with a desire to improve my speaking ability and after graduating from the program I spent a full week in Quebec City speaking nothing but French. Extended French allows a student to have strong capabilities in both English and French going into high school - something which neither core French nor French Immersion always accomplishes. I very much enjoyed my time in the program and now hate to see it be abolished. My sister was very enthusiastic about entering the program and was distraught when she was told she couldn't join her best friend in Extended French. This program means a lot to many people and should continue to change lives... but it can't if it is shut down this year. Not only is the program itself highly effective, but it also gives students ownership of their own learning path as many of the students who enter Extended French do so out of their own desire to learn French and challenge themselves, not because of their parents.  Help convince the Board of Trustees to revoke their decision by signing this petition.