Maintain Dadar Parsi Colony as a Hawker-Free Zone

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The BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) wants to accommodate over 200 hawker stalls in F/N Ward. This will severely affect many of the roads in Dadar Parsi Colony, including Mancherji Joshi Road, Firdausi Road, Khareghat Road, Jam-e-Jamshed Road, and many more.  

The residents of the area STRONGLY OBJECT to the BMC allowing Hawker pitches in Mancherji E Joshi Colony (Dadar Parsi Colony)

This is a residential enclave with 2 schools for children, our Sacred Fire Temple (Agiary), the Heritage Five Gardens and our places of residence, many of which are also Heritage structures. Allowing over 200 hawkers is UTTERLY NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

In 2015, over 5,000 residents of the PARSI & the nearby HINDU colony had unanimously demonstrated in protest that we DO NOT want what the BMC has proposed.

This is the only open plan Parsi Colony with much needed greenery & gardens in Mumbai, which is enjoyed by people young & old coming from far & wide. Including 200 plus hawker pitches will disrupt the character & spoil one of the few Heritage precincts in Mumbai. It will cause a huge hygiene issue due to open garbage dumping by the hawkers, as well as traffic, parking, safety and security issues. 

We are totally against hawker pitches!