Sack Patrick Gower for hate speech

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Recently we have all been subjected to alleged journalist Patrick Gower's left wing rants about right wingers and alt-right extremists, primarily in relation to the alleged Christchurch mosque shootings. He offers absolutely no proof of his allegations, no evidence to back up any of his claims and he rants and raves like a spoiled upper class school boy who isn't allowed to borrow Daddy's car. He tries to align Brenton Tarrant to some mythical "white supremacist" movement by finding a couple of weirdos like Philip Arps and his mates and proudly announcing they are part of this massive pro white, anti Muslim underbelly of society with ZERO evidence and ZERO proof. He conveniently forgets to mention the dozens of murderous attacks committed by Muslims in the name of their religion but focuses on the Christchurch attacks as if they were the only massacres in town. No mention of the Christians murdered in Sri Lanka or of the dozens of other attacks against Christians by Islamic extremists. He doesn't offer any balance to his arguments, like the FACT that Brenton Tarrant is anti-immigration, NOT anti Muslim. Any one who bothered to study the available information and commit to getting their facts right will tell you this. Mr Gower fails to mention the appalling facts about the Islamic religion and Sharia Law, he's only concerned with New Zealand's Loch Ness monster - white supremacy. A great story to whip up readership and donations and sponsorships and put New Zealand on the map(albeit in a slightly warped way) but totally baseless in fact and logic and completely relying on hearsay, conjecture, theory, supposition and basically bullshit. Patrick Gower has ZERO credibility and ZERO personality and a smile that would make babies cry and planets leave their orbit. He should be sacked immediately because basically everything he posts is a lie, not supported by fact, and indeed abhorrent to any free thinking individual who knows the facts of too much immigration. He deliberately tries to insult and inflame hatred against normal white people which in itself is racist. If Israel Folau can be sacked for simply posting a paraphrase of a bible post then Patrick Gower should be sacked for posting inflammatory lies about normal white people.