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Sonic Battle (ソニック バトル Sonikku Batoru) is a fighting video game developed by Sonic Team for the Game Boy Advance. It was published in Japan by Sega and worldwide by THQ. It is the second fighting game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the first game being Sonic the Fighters. It was released in Japan in December 2003 and in North America and Europe in early 2004.

But Now, They Will Make A TV Anime Show.

Maria Robotnik, Dr. Eggman's Daughter Was Killed By GUN Soldier's gunshot in the process, Then Suddenly, A Mysterious Specie Came Back To Her Life And Turn Into A Hedgehog, She Will Find Shadow The Hedgehog Will Be Reunited And Team Up With Rouge The Bat.

Sonic And Friends (Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Cream And Cheese) Gladly To Meet Princess Sally Acorn To Put Time On Their Adventure, But Dr, Eggman Was Completely Destroyed Oak Village When Michelle Faine Was Trying To Run And Save By Espio The Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, and Charmy Bee, When Her Mother, Debbie Was Kidnapped By Emerl, Who's Brainwashed With Eggman.

Then, The President Announced That Dr. Eggman Who Brainwashed Emerl And Stole Debbie And Destroyed Oak Village, But Right Now He Will Start A Huge Sonic Battle.

Meanwhile, Sticks The Badger Heard Rumors About The President Was Start The Sonic Battle, She Wants To Pick The Twins: Perci And Staci.

Secondly, Jet The Hawk, Catch Up With Wave The Swallow, And Storm The Albatross, Jet Has Told About Dr. Eggman Destroyed Oak Village And Heard Rumors About Sonic Battle.

Fang The Sniper, Bean The Dynamite, And Bark The Polar Bear, Are Unlikely Team To Stop Dr. Eggman.

Mina Mongoose, Team Up With Huski Skylight And Honey The Cat.

They Called Themselves The Pride: Asha The Cheetah, Freya The Tiger, And Zarubi The Lion.

Shade The Echidna (Along With E-123 Omega) Must Have A Word With Tikal The Echidna Try Make A Team For Sonic Battle.

Silver The Hedgehog And Blaze The Cat (Make Their TV Debut) Team Up With A Tomboyish Goth Hedgehog Named Nebula Raven Emerald.

The D'Coolette Family (Antoine, Bunnie, Belle, And Jacques) Are Getting Ready For Sonic Battle.

Melody And Mina Prowder Team Up Together, Along With Princess Sonia Acorn.

Plus, New Characters: Irma The Hedgehog, Venus The Hedgehog, Snowie the Arctic Fox, Crystal The Cat, Ella The Crimson, Cici The Cat, Asunta The Cat, Tsuki The Hedgehog, Team Destiny (Aura The Hedgehog, Eless The Hedgecat, and Breezie The Fox). Zokua The Hedgehog, Kassy The Rabbit, Violet The Hedgehog, Molly The Echidna, Jubilee The Hedgehog, Lotte The Porcupine, And More.

Sonic Battle Coming In 2019


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