Stop Turkish propaganda and history falsification against Armenians through TV Shows

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The Klan TV Albania is transmiting a turkish Tv Series entitled: "Abdylhamid the Capital". This series is falsifying history and while depicts armenians as criminals and thievs, meanwhile hails to the Red Bloody last ottoman sulltan who initiated the Armenian Genocide. While its widely documented the massacres perpetuated between 1894 and 1906, in this tv show the armenians are represented as criminals while the criminal Abdylhamid as an illuminated leader aiming interracial and interreligious tollerance. This is deeply offending the Armenian Genocide Survivors, the memories of their ancestors as well as it is offensive to the intelligence of people. It is a clear turkish attempt of falsifying history and influencing masses through desinformation. It is the duty of the media to filter the content of such ignoble shows which willingly aim the history distortion and thus representing victims as perpetuators and the real criminals as illuminated and visionary leaders. This show must be stoped right now and pardon should be asked to the armenians whoose feelings have been hurt.