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Stop inappropriate commercials on the TV

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My concern is about the content in the match. Com advert and the Money supermarket. Com advert!  The advert is  supposed to explain how singles can meet on this particular website, however  the advert shows two females stripping off and embrace each other and start caressing one another? My question is how is this explicit scene necessary and is played on our family time? Children are so precious and inpressinabble.  Without seeming to be narrow minded surely we must have some standards? Do we not care anymore about our young and the impact this has on this generation and us as parents!  I am saddened and horrified that this type of material is allowed to be seen at all on t.v.    The money supermarket advert is supposed to explain how to use the site and how it works, but instead we see grown men of the builder trade dancing in high heels in appropriately, how is this advertising and what has it to do with the online service they provide?  It's  unnecessary and inappropriate especially as it's shown while children are still viewing.  As a t.v license  holder I feel it's  not something I want my children or myself to watch,  If these adverts continue I and many many more viewers who feel the same will have no choice but to cancel our television licences.  Sophia 

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