Help a small Northland community keep it's assets for community use!

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Tutamoe Community Collective is made up of ratepayers and residents who wish for the Tutamoe Community Trust and Tutamoe Hall Association Incorporated to adhere to the Trust Purposes.

For community assets to stay in the hands of the community and not sold to anyone, especially businesses with international interests.
For the trustees to uphold the Purposes of the Tutamoe Community Trust which read;

(a) to maintain and develop educational facilities for the benefit of the Tutamoe Area,
(b) to oversea the operation of a correspondence unit,
(c) to provide a centre for community activities for the Tutamoe District,
(d) to promote tourism with-in the Tutamoe area.
Note: (d) was removed by the current listed Trustees on 29 January 2009.

We believe that assets need to be preserved for the future generations.
That the building should be used by the residents within the district and to be showcased to local and international travelers alike.

We have a diverse backdrop with native forest surrounding the valley that is supporting native trees, birds and other wildlife like the native Giant Kauri Snail or the Kiwi or Kokako.
In the schools very own backyard there is a block of native bush that is of some scenic and scientific significance.  According to the Tutamoe Domain Recreation Reserve Management Plan, the forest type is not often found on the relatively flat volcanic sites like Tutamoe Domain.  The Boar Stream Bush is the only large stand of this particular forest type identified in the country!

​The current board has been asked to resign from their positions as it is evidenced in previous meetings and action of said trustees that they are 'to busy with life' or 'work commitments' that they don't have time.  They perceive there is 'no community interest' even though for the last three years a group of residents have asked to take over the reigns so to speak.  The current board feel it is in the best interests of members to sell all buildings and associated land to a local farmer.  A farmer who since 2008 has had his eyes on the prize.  A farmer who under lease terms was meant to keep up the maintenance of the buildings he occupied.  Instead, today those buildings are leaking, falling down and require thousands of dollars to be now spent on them.  The board allowed a buyer to pay for a valuation ($175,000 for one title) and then give a $50,000 discount and threw in a block of land and buildings for FREE (est. value $50,000+)!  An independent valuation showed a price difference of $175,000 on one title alone!

What are we asking for?
1. For the current board to resign and allow new members in.  To breath a breath of fresh air into the trusts, the land and buildings they are governed to take care of.

By signing this petition you are showing you support the views that Community Assets should stay in the hand of the community and to be used by communities near and far.

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