Accountability and Safety at our Schools

Accountability and Safety at our Schools

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Laura Picker started this petition to tustin unified school district

No amount of violence, fighting or bullying is acceptable.  We need to protect all kids.  An attack, a fight or bullying is never the answer.  Our son was threatened, pursued, disabled and attacked in front of students and parents.  Everything in the District’s power should be done to prevent this from happening to another student again on any campus.    

We are requesting:

1) Adequate security and supervision of all students from 25 mins before school until 25 minutes after school

2) Effective discipline system with interventions and emotional and social resources for all students

3) Transparency in:

·      protocols after an incident

·      protocols after any student makes a report

·      discipline policies addressing behaviors that will not be tolerated

·      discipline policies and possible consequences in a document link that is easily accessible on each school's website to parents and students

4) Social and Emotional Health and Wellness expert on campus - The number of students enrolled in a school in conjunction with the knowledge of students’ individual needs requires this.

5)  Internet Safety, Online Ethics, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Online Bullying yearly programs for each grade level and each student 

·      This could be part of an elective. 

·      This could be part of a reading program.  

·      This is not graded work for a teacher. 

·      This cannot be a graduation requirement, I assume, BUT it can be part of the school’s culture by being discussed and promoted in a full and positive way. 

What we know to be true and not in dispute in conjunction with our son’s attack cannot be ignored.  What we know must be acted upon until appropriate and effective change for TUSD students has been made.  I do not want another child hurt, because clear and solution based procedures are not in place to protect them.  As it stands right now, we have not been made aware of any procedure in place to actually protect students and teachers from continuous physical and/or mental abuse at the hands of another student.  We are not aware of an action plan or program in place to promote positive resolution and respect between students on our campus.

Please help us as we ask for transparent policies that follow state law and effectively create a culture and climate of safety, support and respect for all kids on TUSD campuses. 

All the information found in this petition are suggestions, ideas and situations that have come to our attention over the last two months.  Although I am just a parent, not a professional author or community organizer, I am trying to share the needs my husband and I have become aware of and passionate about, in addition to promoting positive change for all.   Thank you for reading.

Further discussion:

Transparency:  What is the school and district doing to prevent violence on campus?   How are kids being protected when they have been put into an environment where they do not expect an attack or a violent threat to happen?   

Parents and students are unaware:  What is the progressive discipline plan for violence, bullying, cyber bullying and harassment?  How do we know the consequence is progressing along with the behavior and sometimes the crime?  The message we have heard from kids and parents is that nothing is being done to prevent, control, or address some serious issues on campus.  Even though the administrators have done what they can, we are worried about the impression students are getting on campus.  Students see mean and frightening behavior from kid to kid and from kid to teacher, staff member, administrator.  They are wondering when the school will intervene and make change on a campus.  We need transparency in expectations, consequences and resources so all kids feel protected, safe, heard and cared about.

Student support:  An emotional health and wellness specialist is needed on campus daily for all students. 

Additional adult support on campus:  We need appropriate security and supervision based on the unique needs at each school.  We need multiple adults supervising before, during and after school.  Every educator I have spoken to said proper supervision is a preventative in addition to a positive.  Incidents go down and are interrupted when an adult is present.

  • We also know that any small positive contact with an adult can change a student’s day into a positive one.  So many kids need this. 
  • Can parents help with the supervision before and after school outside of the gates?  Our parents and community members are our biggest resource!

Empower kids:  Better communication between the school and the students is needed.  All students need to feel safe and empowered to share their experiences with bullying or threats.  Let the kids know their concerns are heard and their issues are addressed with effective discipline policies that encourage change, resolution and RESPECT. Reporting opportunities and what happens to an incident report from a student or parent needs to be transparent so everyone knows what the procedures are.

  • Anonymous texting system - “Text a Tip” 

Something I am wondering about:  Someone suggested that “no realization of consequences means no incentive to change.”  Is this true?  If yes, then it would apply to all kids.  The kids who follow the rules see no reason to report.  They see no change when they do. The kids who do not feel bound by the rules see no reason to change.  They do not see any consequences that matter. 

Thank you for reading.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!