NO First Street Road Diet! Keep Tustin Moving

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The proposed Downtown Commercial Core Specific Plan (DCCSP) affects

  • residents, business owners, and workers in Old Town Tustin
  • all residents of Tustin outside of Old Town
  • our neighbors from other communities who shop and dine in Tustin (including North Tustin, East Orange, and Irvine).

The DCCSP will put First Street on a "Road Diet" and narrow it to one lane of traffic in each direction from the 55 Freeway to Newport Ave!

Road Diets in Los Angeles have not worked.  They have met with significant backlash from the public.  They have created more traffic and sparked significant business closures.  A First Street Road Diet would create:

  • More traffic through residential neighborhoods in Old Town
  • Safety issues -  increased response times for Emergency Services
  • Kill Business - A narrowed First Street would create such a traffic jam, patrons would stop coming the area altogether

The DCCSP also seeks to add 887 new residential units to Old Town.  This will cause further traffic issues, which will only be worse with a narrowed First Street.

The City Council is trying to approve this plan with absolutely no budget or discussion of the plan's financial impact. How much does the City intend to spend, who is going to pay for it, and what are we getting for our money?  Are our property taxes going to increase to fund this dangerous experiment?

Please join us in telling our elected officials NO ROAD DIET FOR FIRST STREET!