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Petitioning James C. Franco, Ed.D. TUSD Superintendent and 9 others

TUSD: Remove Wanda Hirsch Principal Andrea Silva

We the undersigned current and former Students, Teachers, Parents, Guardians, Family and Friends of Wanda Hirsch Elementary School petition TUSD Dr. James Franco, TUSD Board of Trustees and the California Board of Education to remove Andrea Silva from her administrative position as Principal of Wanda Hirsch Elementary School.

Andrea Silva continues to abuse the power of her assigned administrative position through discriminating, intimidating, bullying, harassing and retaliating. There have been numerous informal and formal complaints made to District Personnel that have yielded no positive change. Hirsch was once a vibrant community where Parents looked forward to volunteering, Teachers were motivated to Teach and Students were inspired to learn. Andrea Silva has devastated Hirsch's morale. The theme of all Andrea Silva's actions continue to create a hostile work environment for Teachers, Janitorial Staff, Substitute Aides, Students, Parents and Volunteers. IT’S TIME TO HEAL HIRSCH! 

TUSD continues to ignore our pleas. TOGETHER we can reestablish the family like atmosphere and positive moral that Hirsch was once loved and respected for. TOGETHER we can recreate a welcoming and inspiring educational environment, where hostility doesn’t limit our children’s potential for success. TOGETHER we petition to remove Andrea Silva as Principal, where she can no longer abuse the power of her administrative position. TOGETHER we take away Andrea Silva’s power to inflict fear and harm others. TOGETHER we won’t have to fear losing any of our beloved Hirsch Teachers who are considering leaving or requesting transfers because they can no longer teach in such hostile working conditions. TOGETHER WE CAN CREATE CHANGE!

TUSD: Monthly Board Meeting Tuesday, March 11th at 7pm. We encourage anyone available to attend. 


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  • James C. Franco, Ed.D.
    TUSD Superintendent
  • Jill Costa, Board Member
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Jill Costa, Board Member)
  • Gregg Crandall, Board Vice President
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Gregg Crandall, Board Vice President)
  • Greg Silva, Board Member
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Greg Silva, Board Member)
  • Ted Guzman, Clerk
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Ted Guzman, Clerk)
  • Kelly Lewis, Board Member
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Kelly Lewis, Board Member)
  • Walter Gouveia, Board Member
    TUSD Board of Trustees (Walter Gouveia, Board Member)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
  • State Board President, State Board Vice President, Board Contacts
    California State Board of Education Members.
  • James Vaughn, Board President
    TUSD Board of Trustees (James Vaughn, Board President)

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