Spare a Minute, Put Him Away For Years

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**TW** **CW**

Austin Brown is a serial predator who has terrorized hundreds, if not over a thousand women across the country through sexual assault, harassment, and rape. He has been free to roam the country targeting females As young as age 14. He finds a majority of his victims at universities across the country, having already been expelled from the University of Arkansas, the University of Oklahoma, and Ottawa University. He has now relocated to the University of Alabama where multiple girls have already reported him for sexual harassment and rape within just two weeks of him being in the area. (He is not actually enrolled in the University of Alabama though he tells his victims he is) Austin Jae Brown needs to be in prison for not only the things he has done and the women who he has traumatized forever, but to prevent him from further terrorizing any more. 

In July 2020 Harley Stevens posted disturbing evidence of the harassment she faced from Austin Brown while both her and Austin were students at OU. Her tweet went viral with hundreds of other girls coming forward on the thread about their experiences with Austin. Harley went to the dean of OU and he was later expelled from the university. Larami P was one of the responses sharing her experiences with Austin. Larami shared her story on twitter as well and again, hundreds of girls responded with similar stories. Austin has targeted all of these on dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, as well as through social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and when the women become uncomfortable with him and try to cut him off, the stalking and harassment begins. Most of these women have screenshot proof and evidence of harassing messages to support their claims and stories of harassment, stalking, assault or rape. Multiple women, from different states, also stated that they already have an restraining order against Austin. You can read through these threads here.

Despite the numerous reports, Austin has never been caught. Universities that were aware of his actions never enforced any serious consequences besides removing him from their campus, so he could just pick up doing the same thing somewhere else. Austin has been in Tuscaloosa, Alabama after fleeing Oklahoma when he became under investigation there and within two weeks, he’s been arrested and charged with just one count of Harassing Communication, which was one female’s report, even after multiple reports of assault, stalking, harassment, and RAPE from students at the University of Alabama. Enough is enough.

We are demanding that Tuscaloosa Police Department and the University of Alabama Police Department work together to make sure that the claims of women coming forward right now stick and that Austin is charged with ALL of the reports against him. Austin a is a SERIAL PREDATOR who has become a nationwide threat. Something MUST be done.

There are more than enough women who have come forward about Austin all across the country. They have already been failed by the justice system in their home states. TPD, UAPD, do not fail the victims in your jurisdiction. Give justice to the young women who make up your community who have been terrorized by Austin Brown. Give peace of mind to Austin’s past victims, knowing he is locked up for good. Give hope for those who have not yet come forward. 

Please sign this petition if you support our efforts to put away a national threat to women everywhere, a serial rapist, Austin Jae Brown.


The victims of Austin Brown & our allies.