Make [adult swim] 24 Hours!

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Dear Turner Broadcasting,

Let's start with a simple sentence to kick things off... We love [adult swim]. Seriously! You guys have gave us incredible shows ever since 2001, for example, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and so many more that we adore and love. We love them so much, that we have even grew strong fan bases based off of YOUR shows that you have gave the audience!

Now let's cut to the chase.

Hundred-thousands (and possibly even more) of [as] fans are tired of waiting to watch our favorite shows come on at 8p.m. on Cartoon Network, and it's even become to the point where some people don't have the availability to watch your shows in the evening. For example, myself. I am a dedicated and hard-working employee of 3 years to the job that I am currently in. Sad thing is, I only work night-shifts because that was the position that I was put into. I am a huge fan of [as] and the only available time that I can watch is on my days off... and that's not that many days.

So what about Toonami? Where are we going to put it? Let's talk about that.

Let's bring Toonami on an evening block... everyday. Yes, everyday. Just like you had [as] on Cartoon Network from 8-6. If you give us, the fans, [as]'s very own channel, let's make Toonami an everyday evening block from 8-6. Simple? Indeed. If it's too much to ask for, at least give Toonami all-day every Saturday for 24 hours.

Out of the fan's requests, we ask that you create a channel solely for just [adult swim] and Toonami. We are not asking for any cuts, just extensions. All of us love you Turner, but we're just asking for a little bit more than just 10 hours a day. We want to revisit classic shows, new shows, maybe even some new [as] original movies? We're loyal fans that want more [as], more Toonami, and more power!

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