Gag order restricting main stream media on sensationalism of the Coronavirus.

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James Draper
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Main stream media's use of catch phrase and keywords e.g. pandemic, epidemic, and similar vernacular are needlessly causing hysteria and panic for the sake of ratings.

1st Amendment rights are inalienable, until used to yell: "FIRE!" into a crowded venue.

Broadcasters should be made accountable to harms caused by the careless choice of language use to report on an event. 

So too, do broadcasters, have a civil obligation to understand the trust, placed upon them by the general public, and their role to inform the public honestly.

5x as many die from the common cold than will parish from the Corona Scare.

Because the airwaves are inundated by these media groups, it is difficult for people to escape the allure, and with a glance, they are sucked into the vortex.  

If authorities truly have the good of the public as a priority, then they should invoke that authority and revoke licenses for those that continue the behaviors deemed harmful or inciteful. 

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Only when the masses get involved, does change begin. The voice of the one may get lost in a crowd, but the will of the many sets the cause of and reason for, the crowd. Pull the plug on the sensationalists mid- statement!