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turner broadcast: bring back cartoon theatre on cartoon network OR move it on Boomerang

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We can' take it anymore. We tired of the same monthly movies on Saturday on 6:00 and the encore on Sunday. Make a different movies beside annoying movies. Where Land Before Time, Balto, American Tail, and more old classic and some new movies that MEANT for Cartoons. And speaking of movies, Monday to Friday morning, can Cartoon Network stop show Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry movie? Because its getting annoying and old, and also we can't take it anymore. Please can we watch a different movies never seen for a long time. Like for a 1990s movies we watch in cartoon theatre long time. Saturday any old movies and sunday, no encore (or different time) show a different movie. And any old movies too on Mon- Fri morning. Please do the right thing for the kids. The more old movies they show, the more viewers you have. Your truly, 90's kids and CN fans.

(updated 9/8/2015)- Now it affecting Boomerang channel too. If you want to watch your favorite classic movies and put Cartoon Theatre on Boomerang, sign this petition. It could be perfect to air Balto, American Tail, or any old movies BESIDES scooby doo and Tom and Jerry movies. Classic movies also need to come back or move to different time of the day. Is classic movies really dying in kids network today? WE HOPE NOT!!!

(Updated 1/28/2017)-  In the next post, these are all the movies and programming that you might remember, but lost in your childhood and theirs. Go there and share this to everyone. We need these movies to air on boomerang too because people are sick and tired of tom and jerry and scooby doo movies EVERY WEEKENDS. If you wants changes, here your chance.

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