Turn the Tide!! STOP "FEEDING" the RED TIDE!!

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The local residents and business owners of the entire  FLORIDA WEST COAST are tired of being told our Gulf Waters are experiencing an occurrence, called Red Tide.

While Red Tide does naturally occur in our Gulf Waters, it HAS NOT been a constant occurrence in the past.

NOW.....The constant contaminates of chemicals, sewage, agricultural run off ( Lake Okeechobee) and oils,  being dumped into our Gulf Waters only "feeds" the growth of Red Tide as it gets closer to our shoreline. 

We need this to STOP!  NOW!

The very air we breathe is being compromised and making many fall ill after a visit to our beaches. The smell has traveled inland into our homes. The natural inhabitants of our Gulf waters are dead.  Our children can not enjoy the beach.  Our busineses, failing. Our home values decreasing. 

Our economy suffers.  More and more people state everytime they come here, there is Red Tide! This is horrible! "When are they going to do something about this?" Even those within a mile feel the effects of the toxins produced by Red Tide.

Visitors canceling their visits. We have to stay inside to breathe in some locations.  Our canals and bays are green, dead fish lie everywhere and the smell continues to get worse. There are maggots on our beaches, our Gulf is red.

Dolphins, manatees, turtles.....dead.

Years and years of research and documentation and NOW we have RED TIDE for almost a year!! This isn't the past....this is the NOW!

Please help us get help to Turn the Tide on the West Coast of Florida!

We ask for your help to CLEAN UP OUR WATER!

We need our government officials to stop allowing our GULF WATERS to be filled with ToXIns!!!!! (excess nutrients)

Florida Government Officials must act NOW !!



Peer Reviewed and Published Scientific Cause of Red Tide
July 29, 2018 by appprecautionary