July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Selina Anderson

May 23rd 2022 - The Supreme Court ruled even if there is evidence you are innocent, the court will deny appeals. Inevitably, this will result in innocent citizens being imprisoned and executed by state prisons.


June 23rd 2022 - The Supreme Court rules Miranda Rights upon arrest are not Constitutional requirements. 


June 24th 2022 - The Supreme Court overturns the 50 year precedent on the right to privacy: Roe v Wade. An incredibly cruel ruling that took away a medical procedure and will result in children dying during childbirth, women dying of complications from pregnancy, and an increase in murders and suicides of those who are pregnant. 


The sovereign citizens of the United States of America must abolish the sitting Supreme Court and its traditions. NOW is the Time to hold a National Democratic Election for New Justices. 


No more nepotism. Citizens vote for other judges. It is time to vote for these ones, too. 


7 of the 9 Justices were appointed by a party that hasn't won a popular vote more than once in 30 years.


5/9 Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Presidents who Lost the Popular Vote.


1 of those seats was stolen.


Several lied to Congress that they would not overturn existing Constitutional Rights to secure their appointments.


3 lied and claimed they would never overturn Roe v Wade. 


Justice Clarence Thomas has been paid by right wing groups for years and never disclosed it, violating Federal law. Justice Thomas' wife participated in the January 6th Insurrection and Justice Thomas used the powers of his SCOTUS seat to vote to keep potential information related to his wife from investigations. 


2 Justices have been credibly accused of sexual assault.


75% of the US report lack of confidence in the Supreme Court.


"A motion of no confidence" is the phrase used to justify a vote held to decide if a political mistake should be allowed to remain in position of power or office. 


Historically, American citizens have never had the right to do that. But American citizens have also never had the right to vote for the lifetime appointed Supreme Court Justices. 


The Population of The United States of America is approximately 329,500,000. 


If this petition gets 50,000,000 signatures, American citizens will effectively PAUSE the powers of the sitting Justices IMMEDIATELY AND INDEFINITELY in order for plenty of time and preparation to go into a transparent, public, free election to vote for 9 Justices who represent the American public's rights to liberty, health, autonomy, privacy, and to not be executed even when provably innocent of crime.


We have learned lifetime appointments come with impunity. We cannot allow the powers at be to make it easier for the state to kill innocents. Full stop.


American Freedoms and Civil Liberties will not be beaten by neither a branch of the government nor an arm of the state.


Reform is always possible. If enough people want reform it is something we can achieve.

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Signatures: 21Next Goal: 25
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