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Turn Texas Blue with Battleground Texas


Texas is one of the largest and most diverse states in the country -- and it should be a battleground state.

But right now, Texas elected officials do not reflect the shifting demographics. By registering more Texans to vote, and encouraging everyone to get involved in the political process, we can change that -- we can make Texas a battleground state. 

Battleground Texas is asking for your help to make that happen.

A battleground Texas not only ensures Texans from all backgrounds are represented in government, it also shakes up the road to the White House.  A blue Texas, and its 38 electoral votes, would change the future of American politics.

If you believe that Texas would benefit from a more diverse, more representative electorate, pledge to support the mission of Battleground Texas today. 


I pledge to support Battleground Texas through:

-- Supporting the inclusion of Americans from all backgrounds in the future of politics in Texas.

-- Ensuring that the voices of Texans from every corner of the state are heard in local government, in Austin, and in Washington, D.C.

-- Mobilizing Texans to change the face of elections, from local politics all the way up to the presidency.

-- Taking action to help make Texas the battleground state it can and should be.