Turn Burnopfield bowling green into area for children to safely play & community to enjoy

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Burnopfield is a village in County Durham, in England is close to the River Derwent with around 6000 inhabitants. It is located 10 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne and 15 miles from Durham.

Community calibration over the years has been evident on many levels from the mining, sports such as bowling, cricket, St James’ Church, Burnopfield school fundraising, local community Gardening etc.

Over the years the Bowling green on Birch Crescent is no longer in use and is perfectly situated in the village and could potentially be a fantastic place for the local children and community all ages alike to enjoy. With the local woodlands, and growing inhabitants alongside community in general living a longer and healthier life I strongly believe this space could potentially be of great benefit to the community if given a new piece of life for all to enjoy. The bowling green has fantastic access to facilities including those with disabilities and parking alongside local amenities.

Burnopfield has no outside play areas for the local children except a small area by Albion Gardens. I propose that the Bowling Green could be used for children all ages to include a park, dog enclosed area, enclosed football/basketball area and seating spaces.

I really hope that the local community can come to together to help this cause I’m extremely passionate about.