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Hanifi Bariş sentenced to one year and eight months

Friends and Colleagues of the University of Aberdeen

Feb 13, 2019 — 

Dear all,

Just to inform you that yesterday Hanifi was sentenced to one year and eight months. He is still under judicial control and cannot travel for the foreseeable future. For full details of how the day unfolded, please click here.

Although we expected this sentence (and know that the situation is not ideal) we are nevertheless delighted that the outcome did not result in Hanifi's incarceration. 

On behalf of the #FreeHanifi team, we could like to say a big thank you to all the students, academics, civil society organisations, activist groups, campaigners, journalists, friends, colleagues and just generally incredible people who demonstrated such a magnificent level of solidarity. The outpouring of support we received was honestly overwhelming. We ask that you share this update as widely as you can so that everyone involved in the campaign can read this result.

Below we leave with you a message from Hanifi to you all:

Dearest friends, colleagues;

Thank you all for your support and friendship! Your legendary solidarity campaign is a source of inspiration now and will continue to inspire me and others in Turkey and elsewhere into the indefinite future.. forget about the suspension of the pronouncement of the verdict that convicts me to a year and eight months of jail time: the real and only good news in this whole affair is that I now have first hand experience that those who are inclined to think and act with and for all; those who dream a life, a community and a future beyond borders, identities and cultures; and those who value comoraderee, friendship and solidarity more than exclusion, isolation and privilege are not alone. I have been made sure that we have friends all over the world who will do anything to get their voices to us and have our voice out there.

The greatest lesson I learned from the whole mess that is supposed to be a judicial process -which, in fact, is not even a facade or a broken version of a slightly fair justice system- is that friends, only and only friends like you, can make a person feel worthy and valued, can give meaning to his deeds and acts, and most importantly, can fill him with hope and love.

With all kinds of blessings poured down upon me by you friends, colleagues and comrades, I am far better equipped for the struggles ahead, and I am sure I will continue to thrive in the face of all cruelty, injustice, ignorance, and hypocrisy that surrounds us.

Thank you all again. I love you very very much!


In love and solidarity,
The #FreeHanifi Team

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