Stop the repression in Taksim Square and the destruction of Gezi Park!

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Update: I wrote the text below four days ago. Since then, the number of injuried civilians rose to more than 1,000, with six reported deaths, and between 800-1500 detained. They need our support! Please sign and keep sharing!

More than 100 persons have been injured by the police, which is using brutal methods against civilians. All started with the government's plan to demolish Gezi Park, one of the very few parks in central Istanbul, to give way for a new commercial centre. Many citizens reacted by organizing a sitting in the park, defending it from the bulldozers, from Monday on. The peaceful protests have been countered with police brutality, gases and water cannons, but had attracted larger and larger crowds every day. On 31rd of May, the repression escalated, leaving more than 100 citizens injured including a number of women and children. Since then It keeps increasing.

We demand to the government of Turkey to stop immediately the repression against citizens, and to put an end to the plans for privatization of one of the few green spaces in central Istanbul!

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