Raise awareness for Alevis

Raise awareness for Alevis

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Alevis are a religious minority in Turkey who have been oppressed, attacked, and slandered by extremist Muslims and far-right fascists in Turkey. This post will also raise awareness for the Alawite populations as well. They are a sect of Shia Islam.


July 2nd marks the anniversary of the Sivas massacre, where 37 Alevis were burned alive by fascists and extreme Islamists in Turkey. This attack included the tragic loss of a 12-year-old boy. However, the issue is not the attack that happened decades ago, no. It is the current stance of the Turkish government. Here are some quick facts:

  • No state authority intervened to protect the Alevis
  • Charges for the perpetrators were absolved and a great majority of them discharged and some even "escaped" prison and the country
  • In 2012, the courts declared the case to be lapsed due to the time limit
  • 8 lawyers who defended the convicts of the massacre are now AKP member of parliaments.
  • Most recently, President Erdogan forgave a convict and freed him from prison.
  • 27 years later there is still no justice

You also have the Corum massacre. A 2-month pogrom against Alevis. During this time, lawyers and courts endorsed the mutation of young Alevi women who were referred to as disgusting terms that dishonour women. During this time, 60 people were slaughtered and 200 injured. There are many more massacres but I could go on forever. I think you get the point.

What is happening to Alevis now?

The sad thing is that these issues still happen. A portion of reckless Turks still hold the belief that Alevis are "infidels" and should be punished as a result. This means various attacks on Alevis have taken place by both Grey Wolf fascists (who have not been labelled a terrorist organisation) and by the police. Police brutality is horrendous in Turkey. Police would literally go into a cafe and beat a man, then let the public beat him after.

Because Alevism is not recognized by the Turkish State, there is no official figure.. But they make up around 11%-20% of the population. Once Alevi dominated areas have now become Alevi minority areas as Alevis either were killed or fled the country. Alevis wake up at 3 am during Ramadan to trick their neighbours that they are breaking their fast in fear of being killed.

There are 83,000 mosques in Turkey but only 900 Cemevis (Alevi place of worship). Most Cemevis are constructed by poor Alevis as these sites are not recognised as holy sites by the state.

Alevis remain politically marginalised in the country, with limited representation in official positions of power. Following the attempted coup in 2016 and subsequent actions by the government against its perceived opponents, numerous journalists were imprisoned and media outlets were closed, including most of those broadcasting and publishing on Alevi culture.

This year, a Salafist group in Istanbul threatened to commit a mass killing attack on Alevis.

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