Get a real grasp on the numbers of women who love anything automotive!

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This is a simple survey/petition to find out how many women like cars, have an interest in cars, are involved in the automotive hobby, or even have a job in the industry! (Motorcycles, trucks and boats count too!)
According to the 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women hold 25% of the jobs in the auto industry. This is only counting those who have or had jobs in the industry and not the hobbyists or aspiring enthusiasts! Surely this number also increased since 2014.
Why do I care to know? Because working in a male dominated industry and hearing the low percentages of women compared to men that are "into" cars gets disheartening (10-20%). Although gender should not matter, (and actually doesn’t in my mind), it does still have an impact on the hobby, our interests and how things are marketed.  It’s still a talked about subject, and marketing decisions are still weighed based on gender.

According to recent studies, Women in the U.S.:

  • Buy or influence 83% of all consumer purchases.
  • Influence more than 80% of all car purchases.
  • Buy 65% of all new cars.
  • Buy 45% of all light trucks and SUVs.
  • Since 2012, women hold more driver's licenses than men.

Yet 75% of women feel misunderstood by car marketers, and every woman that I have met thus far has felt discriminated against at one point or another when simply trying to talk cars.

As and Automotive Journalist who is heavily involved in several niches of the hobby, I know there are many more of us out there. I want to show the hobby and auto industry just how much women love autos, whether cars, trucks, motorcycles, or motorsports of any kind! Ladies of automotive, please take a moment to unite and submit your signature whether you have a general interest in automotive or work in the industry, then share with your friends, clubs and groups! Let’s see how many signatures we can get!

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