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Sign this petition to help us convince the head teacher to change the new sixth form uniform.

uniforms are expensive and forever need replacing as students grow. This poses a real worry to financially stressed families. This is made worse by the fact that the uniform is only available from an expensive school shop rather than from inexpensive and competitive retailers. It's true that wearing uniform means students don't spend all morning choosing what to wear or beg parents for clothes that will impress their friends. However there is another side to this argument: uniforms breed uniformity. We are a culturally diverse nation and if we all dress the same, this encourages us to be the same. At Barking Abbey School, we are encouraged to express our individuality, yet this seems to be in conflict with the message enforced uniform sends to us. Wearing smart clothes would help us prepare for the real world.

I think that the school needs to give us a chance in wearing smart clothes