MACC - Investigate Former Transport Ministry, Khazanah Nasional & MAS Board Members.

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We the undersigned is urging MACC to open the files on Khazanah Nasional and the rest as mentioned. The public and various aviation organizations wants the removal of the Malaysia Airlines controlled Sovereign Fund board members and its entity to leave their positions immediately as they have been involved or was under the influence of many scruplous dealings and party to many uncall decisions which have caused unnecessary losses in billions of ringgit during on Malaysia Airlines. 

Khazanah Nasional Chief Azman Mokhtar and the national carrier Chairman Najib Razak who was then the Prime Minister of Malaysia along with other Board Members have conspired or even approved the sales and purchased of Boeing planes; and none of these board members had opposed the excessive spendings / purchased of these planes. 

6,000 workers were also retrenched where RM6 billion was approved and spent for the restructuring of new airline however those huge money did not reach many parties. Those who whistleblowed about the extreme corruptions; wastage and leakages in Malaysia Airlines and Khazanah Nasional were either threatened or terminated.

Those who spoke up on the extensive scandals in MAS and non sensible salaries of their CEOs and Board Directors were either terminated and their contracts not renewable.

Last year; Khazanah Nasional under the approval of Chairman Najib Razak have bought and signed various contract with Boeing planes worth RM50billion ringgit while knowing the national airline was undergoing massive financial problems. 

We also believed through these huge orders of new Boeing planes; middle men from both sides have made millions in commission.

We want the new elected Government under Tun Dr Mahathir and the head of agencies to re open up the files of these huge aircraft purchase and investigate these contract deals. We believed there have been manipulation of contract deals via the national debt ridden airline which the public is aware off. 

MACC should also act on the huge catering and engineering contracts given to certain individuals which have cost the national airline to suffer severe debt and resulting the winding up of Malaysia Airlines.

Such abuse of power and manipulation should be investigated as years of such complaints fell on deaf ears. MACC should also investigate the former Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai who may have helped many such dealings with the Government. There was also the MAS Air Asia share swap which cost billions during the time of exercise.

All those who were involved have closed link ties with Najib Razak. We believed MACC will be able to open up and discover many dirty files which previously stop at the former Prime Minister's office.

Under the Khazanah Nasional watch; many foreign CEOs who were appointed and fired have openly state to the public that there were huge debts and suspicious of manouvering of business contracts that went to certain people. All those reports were not investigated.

Therefore; we urged the Government of the day to re open the files on Khazanah Nasional; Malaysia Airlines and the former Transport Ministry as soon as possible. 

Thank You.

 Bureau of Air Transport Asia


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