Equality among Malaysians for a better country

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Every local individual born in malaysia is malaysian, differentiating them by race is unhealthy for the country’s development as well as the unity among people. Therefore:  

1) No political party should be based on race/ethnicity.

2) Whole education system should be based on one primary language(english) but public is free to send their kids to tuition for their own languages. we need to be competitive at international level.

3) All syllabus should focus on core elements STEM . Subjects like sivik and moral should be core in pre and primary school not secondary.

4) Students should be evaluated based on their knowledge and skills to solve real world tasks not memorising skills. 

5) Pre school should focus on child’s personal development and not forcing them to learn school syllabus. 

6) All Tertiary education institutes should be open to every malaysian regardless of race. 

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