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Dear Tun Dr Mahathir,

We are Malaysians of all races and religions and we write this petition to ask for your help. Malaysia is in a dire situation at present. It is only a matter of time before we fall to the level of nations like Pakistan or Iraq or, given what happened only last Sunday, Sri Lanka.

When that happens, all that we have worked for will be irretrievably lost.

How did we get to this point? For decades, Malaysia had a convivial atmosphere even though its Rakyat are multi-racial and multi-religious. This was P. Ramlee’s Malaysia. However, since the 1980ies, Islamofascism (a virulent form of Islam which espouses systematic oppression) has crept into mainstream thinking and poisoned the minds of many Muslims through what we call ‘Islamisation’. We do not believe these are true Islamic values but rather an oppressive nationalism in the guise of islam.

There are now propagation organisations who have taken it upon themselves to speak about the religions of fellow Malaysians and even call them ‘not yet Muslim’. This very insulting moniker totally devalues the religious experience of our fellow Malaysians and acts if it is inevitable that they would eventually convert to Islam.  Many have said they feel unhappy with this.

Sir, in Malaysia, we do not have a level playing field. Muslims can easily preach to people of other faiths and demean their religions. This is what religious preaching involves: proving that one religion is superior to others. If we had a level playing field where all religions can be criticised fairly and anyone is free to convert to any religion, then this preaching would be acceptable. However, given the current conditions, preaching would only disrupt our harmony.

Please remember, it was you who decided to keep the preacher, Zakir Naik, as a resident in our country. The aforementioned aggressive religious preaching is a result of his influence and the preacher who derogatorily calls people ‘belum Islam’ is an admirer of his, one Firdaus Wong. When Malaysians get indignant and try to defend their faith, Firdaus plays victim and acts as if he is the one under attack. This is a very worrying trend. Please visit his page on Facebook to see the racism and religious bigotry of his supporters.

Today, Sri Lanka experienced its first terrorist atrocity at the hands of Islamofascists. Over three hundred people were killed. The rhetoric of the terrorist is the same exclusivist mindset as our own preachers. The only difference is, our preachers do not preach violence. We don’t know about their followers. The Dhaka terrorists from 2017 were allegedly influenced by Zakir so how long will it be before Malaysian Muslims follow suit? We already have returning ISIS fighters.

We ask you, stop preachers like Firdaus Wong and remove Zakir Naik from our beloved nation. We need to do for the sake of God and Islam which tells us to be compassionate and just. We need to do it for the sake of the nation and for humanity which can never attain happiness if a section of it is oppressed.

Please intervene before it's too late!