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Tumblr Deactivation Policy

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Over the past few weeks it has been seen that several blogs have been deactivated with no warning or reasoning whatsoever. We feel that this, if nothing else, is pushing users away as it is not giving people the opportunity to amend what they have done or even know why the decision has been made.

Tumblr is for many people a safe haven and a forum for communications between friends and like minded types, if nothing else this policy should allow for connections not to be lost without due warning.

This petition is not to argue the policy of deactivation itself, but to encourage the imposition of a newer policy in which individuals are given the opportunity to amend issues that have been raised, or at the very least be told that their blogs are going to be deactivated prior (12-24hour frozen period) in order for them to both let their current followers be made aware of the situation as well as be able to retain important contacts.

Tumblr is a community that "celebrates creativity", yet doesn't withhold this courtesy to its bloggers. Whether the issue is with content or infringement etc, If there have been issues or violations seen or reported, it is only right to inform the blogger- as more often than not it will have been without any kind of malicious intent and would be very simple to rectify.

Our suggestions to Tumblr are simple, and as follows:

  • 12-48 hours notice prior to deactivation in which blogs are frozen and the issues are dealt with individually
  • A warning given to bloggers when issues or violations have been reported
  • If issues cannot be amended, reasons for the deactivation should be provided to the blogger
  • Bloggers should be given the opportunity to make last contact with followers etc to withhold any developed connections, or at the very least allow for awareness of the situation

Your contributions and support are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

G and J

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