Tumblr's way of "Terminating Blogs" has got to be stopped

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Tumblr has recently been terminating blogs without any warning, when under their own terms and conditions and states they will send out three emails.I am also making this petition based on the rapid growth of porn blogs on Tumblr along with hate speech blogs. Thousands of porn blogs along with hate speech blogs pop up on this website everyday and Tumblr refuses do do anything about it. Tumblr has people of all ages on it yet they mostly like to focus on terminating blogs without any type of warning rather then get rid of hate speech blogs and porn blogs. I know for a fact that Tumblr has been the case of suicides by young people because of the fact that they terminate blog with little to no warning at all. I'm making this petition so that Tumblr will restore the blogs they've terminated in the past month.