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Tumblr, SwfCabin, POG, SwfChan: Remove "The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary" video game from your website

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Update 11/20/13, 9:55pm ET: Information directly from Dreamhost has changed the primary recipient of this petition from Dreamhost to Tumblr. Direct from a kind and friendly Dreamhost employee, John R.: "While I agree personally that the content is horrible we do not actually host the content on our servers" They are simply the nameservers for the domain name. They go on to explain their stance on the First Amendment (which this is not a petition against - but that amendment allows us all to express our freedom of speech by protesting this "game"). His message ended with a friendly sentiment of good luck. While does not allow the original mention of Dreamhost to be removed, please know that this petition is directly aimed at Tumblr and other websites which host the game - not Dreamhost.   As we learn of new websites hosting this game, they will be added at the bottom to request removal. If you know of a website hosting this game and it is not listed at the bottom, please let us know!   We are petitioning popular website and hosting provider Tumblr to remove the website which hosts the new and appauling video game, "The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary School."
  Originally, this was petitioning Dreamhost. Following more information from them, there have been updates to the recipient of this petition.
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From the Connecticut Post:

The perpetrator of the worst grade-school shooting in U.S. history is getting posthumous, and, many say, unwarranted recognition from the very source of his blood lust -- a video game.

To the shock of the families of the 26 victims -- 20 of whom were first-graders -- gamers can re-enact Adam Lanza's rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a controversial new online game.

"The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary" directs gamers to storm virtual classrooms with an AR-15 assault rifle in the same vein as Lanza and displays a kill ratio at the end. The game's release comes less than a month before the first anniversary of the Dec. 14 massacre.

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Tumblr (hosts the actual content of

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