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Tumblr: Deal with the hoarded URL/inactive blog issue


There are hundreds of users who really want that one special URL for their blog, and when they go to make it they find out that not only is the URL unavailable, but the blog that's holding the URL either hasn't posted on it at all, or has one post that was made over several months, or even two years ago.

People deserve to have the URL they want, and hoarded/inactive URLs need to be dealt with so that those people can have their blogs the way they want them.

Letter to
Tumblr David Karp
We of Tumblr are greatly unhappy with the issue of blogs that have only one post on them or no posts at all which prohibit us from using your site to the fullest. Because of these inactive blogs, people are being unhappily forced to make a blog with an slightly edited name instead of the one that they could have had.

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