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remove the daily post, ask, & follow limit

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As we all know tumblr use to be a place where we could reblog & blog for hours without any interruptions but now it sucks because tumblr is like a safe haven for most of us & it helped us escape from our reality. Tumblr is a place where we can talk about our problems as well as talk to others who share the same feelings as us & there isn't any judgement on either end. Now that they have the daily post limit most of us haven't a clue as to what we should do so we stare at the wall try to read a book, watch a movie all the while in our heads we're wondering when will our daily post limit reset itself so we can go back on tumblr & express ourselves? Because of post limit we are forced to go onto Twitter or Facebook or even socialise with others who clealy don't understand us at all because on tumblr we're like a family we understand one another we don't judge either thanks to post limit we can't do any of that it's violated our human rights & it's injustice to us all my fellow tumblr's it's time we take a stand it's time we do something about this let's make a change we complain but we never try to change it so lets convince David that post limit, ask & follow limit sucks.

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