Petition Closed Block users who incite violence and hate against LGBTQ+ users.

Tonight I became aware of a Tumblr user who goes by LesbianCure and blogs at Their entire purpose in blogging is to target trans men and expose their personal information, supposedly out of "sympathy" for society "forcing" them to "become" men. Even as bad as that is, that's still just a front for their obvious goal: they repeatedly blog violent images and news about trans men being murdered, along with mentioning their locations and full names. They are not the first user to do this kind of thing, either, and Tumblr has yet to do anything about it under the guise of "free speech."

1 in 12 trans people in the US alone is murdered. 49 percent of trans people attempt suicide at least once in their lives. Attempting to incite violence and panic against innocent people is wrong no matter who it's targeting, but this is nothing short of a hate crime and should be treated as such. Users like lesbiancure put real people in real danger.

I hope that if we raise our voices loudly enough, Tumblr will have to listen and make sure this person and other people like them can't do any more harm to users who have done nothing wrong. This is a serious situation, and I beg you to please treat it appropriately- as a literal matter of life and death.

Thank you,
Megan Lerseth

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